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Indesign Project: Frequencies
August 21, 2008, 10:54 am
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It’s difficult to believe that this summer course has finally wrapped up. I’ve been so mentally involved in this third project that I haven’t given much attention to much else! Compiling a book has been my summer goal which I’ve been unable to devote any time to. This project was perfectly timed, and forced me to compile a rough, summarized product of my original intentions for a book.

The subject is exceedingly personal, but I considered opening up a bit to release my anxieties. I try my best not to dwell. so I wanted to release my scattered wellbeing into the wild. In basic terms, all the writing are scraps of text which I have produced through my rough winter/spring term, each accompanied with images. Despite limited time constraints, I was stupid enough to newly create all my images. This ranged from embroidery to clock making. Exhausting as it may seem, it was totally worth the effort.

Here it be: The End Result & Cover

The binding was completely different breed of species. Having not done book binding in three years, I was excited by the prospects of a hardbound book for this project. I also reduced the size to half a letter sheet; this caused more problems than I could ever foresee. Poor Eduardo stayed an hour after closing to help me because none of my images were centering on the page. Grrr.

I am bad a math, enough said.

Not until I began to trim my pages, did I realize my endpages were TOO SMALL. Ooooh, the profanity spoken that evening. To top it off, my cover image was the wrong size. Lesson learned, everyone: print a proof first! Besides the poorly measured efforts of yours truly, I was quite thrilled with the end result.

A minute portion of my of sanity also wants to print another one to perfect my book.


Long Overdue!
August 21, 2008, 10:36 am
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Goodness, me. I have been slacking!

This is my poster in a real environment. I printed a dozen off, and plan to stick them up around the city sometime soon. Unfortunately the one I stuck here, right beside my workplace, refused to stick! I could be paranoid, but it seems to me that there’s some sort of coating on al the poles and giveaway boxes which prevents posterage??

I had a lot a great deal of positive from my co-workers! It was essential to get the approval from my fellow cashiers. However, my boss thought the imperative was too mean. She obviously is not on cash enough.

Illustrator Project- The Call for Cellular Civilty
August 6, 2008, 6:54 am
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I had abundance of fun trudging through the various layers of this project. Most of my time was spent mucking about illustrator which is why I have so many different directions as to how I envisioned everything. There are a lot of itterations which I scrapped, but I thought I would post them to show my thought process.

I definitely had the most fun tackling the concept of a logo. It was difficult to find a balance between clarity of text and an overall image. My intention was to capture a mood of urgency while keeping the shapes simple and clean. I really wanted to play with the purpose of each shape; this is why there are a variety of “C”‘s manipulated in various forms.

For the final logo, the “C” appears several times in the text itself, and echoes in the sound waves and even creates the shape for the megaphone. Thanks to some helpful suggestions from a friend of mine, her outside perspective allowed me to simplify the colours and eliminate the unnecessary. Suzi was also clever enough to notice the cellphone shape was very similar to the brown shape; I tweaked this aspect to duplicate the shape.

Despite my contentment with the outcome of my logo, I had a horrendous time trying to integrate the image into the poster without it looking like a last-minute insertion. There was a point where I stopped thinking and just produced.

Here are the few I followed through with and printed for class today. Drawing the maddened cashier was feat in itself. I’m not a bit fan of drawing the computer- it lacks the physicality of a pen in the hand and the grit of the soft lead gracing a paper’s surface. It was fun to be a little more cartoony than I’m used to, and investigate that playfulness (especially with his little paper hat flying off with a wind of anger). At first I planned to replace his face with a giant lion’s mouth to truly capture my frustration!

I feel like him all the time.

Here is where I really tried to involv the presence of the logo, almost using it as a prop:

The crit and feedback from today’s class was extremely helpful. From there I decided to move forward with the poster which struck the dominant chord among the class. At first, I was apprehensive to go through with this poster because I thought the trend of 50’s style advertisements was a little overdone, plus I had difficulty integrating my logo. I’m very much satisfied with the outcome though! Plus, it’s an Asian cashier from the 50’s! I’m going to take some photos of this tomorrow outside my workplace.

Cashiers unite!
July 29, 2008, 9:56 am
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I spend most of my days working and finding human interactions a funny thing. There must be some form of bizarro human patterning when customers decide when to line up; there are moments when the store is pin-needle subdued, but moments later there’s a boisterous thunder of people lining up. I’m sure there’s some sort of study on that.

Cashiers are kind of an oddity in themselves and sometimes it’s hard to remember that, yes they are people too! Some may be more robotic or scarily chipper than others, but like you, they have to trudge along with the rhythm of life. In homage to my fellow cashiers across the nation, I would like to create a poster to raise awareness against one of the most dreaded species of customers: the cellphone talker.

Now, this is just plain rude.
If you’re ready to ring in your items, please do not blah-blah-blah on your cellphone as if I was insuperior to your chatter. I would appreciate acknowledgment of my services and existence, please! I wondering if it’s honestly just THAT difficult to call the person back, or excuse yourself. Sigh. I had two customers in a row on the weekend with phones attach to their ears; no hellos or thank-yous.

Here begins my idea, and the beginning of the Campaign for Cellular Civilty! Cellphones are great, don’t get me wrong. The abuse of them, however, is troubling. I have issues with cellphones as barrier for communicating with the physically present folk. How we treat our fellow man withstands the same importance as using less plastic bags or reducing our carbon emissions. Maintenance of human relationships is vital and essential to function! We need to start treating each other better! More hugs, more communication, more personal fulfillment!

I mean, how the heck are we going to get through this if not together?

Logo Love
July 28, 2008, 7:30 pm
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Stuck on a logo design? Check out this cool website:

Logos Design Love

Indecision be the Death of Me.
July 22, 2008, 9:50 am
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Despite my previous efforts, inspiration left me astray. So, I took a mindless collection of pictures to get the creative juices flowing. Here are the odds and ends, and ends of the odd which have been taken:

Here are the frankenstein creations which have transpired:

Inspiration Prespiration

I’ve been going on auto-pilot-zombie mode, following the monotone rhythm of work work work while being out of school for two months now. I’m feeling a bit rusty. I made an “inspire to work!” type playlist to pump up my spirits to return to the routine of art school homework. However, no Polyphonic Spree could save the day.

I was feeling at a loss until I was able to harness a form of inspiration by means of where I work. Harbouring an unmeasureable fondness for children’s books, it only seemed suitable and obvious to gather some ideas from my surroundings. My soul belongs to Kidsbooks, and I’m okay with that sad fact. I wear my name tag proudly, gobbling up compelling narratives, and meandering page by page.

I’ve only received a papercut on a single occasion.

For such a project requesting image manipulation, I found some great inspiration from a handful of gorgeous picture books. The first two images can be found in Imagine a Day and it’s companion, Imagine a NIght written by Sarah L. Thomson and images accompanied by Rob Gonsalves. Highly recommended.

Another fun book to breeze through is If… by Sarah Perry. We didn’t have any at the store unfortunately, so I can’t share the unsettling image of a grinning child with toes replacing the teeth. I shiver at the thought. However, this is the cover:

Even though I’m not exactly sure of what I’ll be doing yet, I’ve jotted down some emotions I want to evoke with my project. I’ve noticed that grazing through those books offers a wide range of emotions which are captured so playfully. They range from melancholy, bizarre, and tender to witty, shocking, and engrossing. I’m considering working with the concept of cautionary whimsy, tampering with danger in a childlike manner. We’ll see.